Jamie is AM-A-ZING! My kitchen gave me anxiety, so I didn't want to cook. She swooped in and five hours later everything had a place that made sense. I could see the counters and nothing was stacked on the fridge! I will refer her anytime I have the chance!!

Malia H., Kent WA - Sep 16, 2016


We spent 5 hours transforming my garage into a well organized space where things were actually inside the cupboards instead of being randomly piled around the room. Jamie is a very efficient and hard worker. Will hire again.

Brad S., Sammamish WA - Jul 5, 2016


Jamie responded on very short notice to my job posting. She was prompt - actually early, but waited in her car - professional, friendly, efficient, and was able to work independently, checking in with me a few times as needed. She did just what I needed - organizing and consolidating a mess in our garage and moving it out of the way for electricians coming the next day. She was well worth the expense, and a really nice person.

Susan H., Seattle WA - Apr 2, 2016


After years of debilitating and declining health, I faced the fact that I would need help clearing out years worth of clutter and accumulation that was limiting my present life and future decisions with the addition of being an undue burden on my executor unless something was done. I spoke to another organizer but was uncomfortable about her attitude and approach on how to handle disposing and organizing my things along with deciding how I should live. Then I met Jamie. Her upbeat personality and willingness to do the extra work to sort items to be dispersed to multiple recipients combined with actually listening to my reasons for what is and proposed plans for future organization is the positive boost I need and greatly appreciated. Although the work is just starting, slowed due to the limitations of my health causing me to tire easily, it has progressed well. I feel confident that with Jamie's help I will find clear space and order from under the years of collection, chaos and inactivity. My things will find their promised and/or proper homes for their most continued usefulness. And, I will be able to make future living plans with less burden and stress.

Patricia V., Tacoma WA - Mar 24, 2016


Jamie (Bourne 2 Organize) helped me organize my kitchen, living room, master bedroom and baby's nursery. It took about 30 hours to get it all done and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Seriously one of the best investments! Jamie is so sweet and really knows what she is doing! She is a lifesaver! Highly recommend Bourne 2 Organize!

Rachael P., Seattle WA - Mar 23, 2016